DMC Services

Concierge and Hospitality services are the fiber of the operations of Solar Tours and Travel DMC.  Understanding the dynamics of the ever-changing tourism industry, a few years ago we undertook to differentiate and change our business module to reflect the services officered to our outbound clients and our visiting guests. While we offer General Sales Agency Service (GSAS), General Handling Agency services (GHAS) worldwide airline ticketing, cruises, pilgrimages, linguistic holidays, students’ tours, and sports groups on the one hand, on the other hand we offer the following to our visiting guests:

Incentive Group Programs, Tour Operator Representation, Charter Handling, Destination Management Services, Meet & Greet Service, Airport Transfers, Private Aircraft handling, Special Interest Groups, Cruise Ship Agent, Shore Excursions to Cruise Ship Passengers, Family Reunion, Weddings and Relocation Services – this is a short list of the main services we offer in our Hospitality Service Division.

When looking for a qualified Destination Management Company on St. Lucia for any of the above services, call Solar Tours and Travel DMC for your one-stop-shop for all your needs.

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